About Hardesty Public Schools

Hardesty Public Schools' small class size, dedicated personnel/teachers and our individualized approach to each student offers a superb educational experience for students in the Oklahoma Panhandle. Hardesty offers its students a great learning environment that is tailored to help each student succeed.


We offer a unique, diverse and challenging curriculum for our students to help prepare them for their next steps whether that is entering the workforce or furthering their education at a vocational/trade school or university. In addition to the traditional high school curriculum of math, English, science, and history, our school also offers college credit courses from Oklahoma Panhandle State University and internship opportunities.


Hardesty Public Schools offers students the opportunity to be involved in a variety of extracurricular activities from volleyball and basketball to FFA and much more. We partner with Yarbrough Public Schools as a sports co-op for all of our high school sports teams so that our students have more opportunities to be involved in sports that are of interest to them and are also able to meet, interact and develop friendships with other students outside of Hardesty.