Board of Education

Board Members
President: Virgil Gibson (Board Seat #1)
Vice President: Steffanie Liebman (Board Seat #3)
Clerk: Casey McCarty (Board Seat #2)
Deputy Clerk: Alberta Brown (Seat #5
Member: Jill Looman (Board Seat #4)

Please Note: The official agenda is posted on the front entrance of the main Hardesty Public Schools building in accordance with state law. Agendas posted on this website are for general information only. In the event of a conflict between agendas on this website and the posted agenda, the posted agenda shall prevail. Questions regarding this agenda should be directed to the Superintendent.

Board Meetings

Due to recent events surrounding the COVID-19 Coronavirus, board meetings will be held via teleconferencing until further notice. As allowed by a new law signed by Governor Stitt, meetings can be held in this manner until November 15, 2020. NOTE When meetings resume a normal schedule, they will be held in the Hardesty Auditorium located at Fifth and Crawford in Hardesty, OK 73944. Meetings will begin at 7:00 PM unless otherwise noted on an agenda.