Re-opening Plan Process and Virus Outbreak Policy ECA Information

The State Board of Education voted on July 23, 2020 to allow school districts to have local control on policies and plans on how and when to re-open school. With this decision that will last through September 30th when the issue is expected to be revisited by the state board, a Parent/Guardian Survey will be provided at the enrollment event.
With this opportunity to visit with the Superintendent, James Eberts, about the survey and answer questions, it is a great opportunity to learn of the ideas and concerns parents have that will help shape a final plan to be presented to the Board of Education in an August 10th virtual meeting at 5:30 PM. The survey information will be presented to staff at the school to help use the information and their ideas for finalizing protocol and procedures.
Some of this is currently in place after passage of the new Viral Outbreak Policy ECA that will be updated with new information from stakeholders like parents/guardians and school staff. Please call James Eberts at 580-740-2799 or send an email to