School Handbook


Hardesty Public Schools is located in the southeastern corner of Texas County in the Oklahoma Panhandle just ten miles north of the Oklahoma/Texas state line very near the heart of “No Man’s Land.” 

The school district covers approximately 250 square miles.  The school is the life of the Town of Hardesty.  It is the town center.  It is the focus of the people.  Therefore, education is of great importance.  We are excited about meeting the challenge of providing the students of the Hardesty School District with the finest educational experience possible. 



Monday, April 20
3:45 PM—Staff Meeting in Library
3:35 PM—Junior Class Meeting
in Ms. Brough’s Room

Tuesday, April 21
8:20 AM—Senior Meeting in Music Room
8:20 AM—Algebra I EOI in Turner’s Room
8:20 AM—US History EOI in Parsons’ Room
12:45 PM—8th Grade History OCCT in Parsons’ Room
3:30 PM—NW District Speech Contest @ Woodward  (Lve @ 1:00 PM)

Wednesday, April 22
8:20 AM—Geometry EOI in Turner’s Room
8:20 AM—7th Grade Geography OCCT Parsons’ Room

Thursday, April 23
8:20 AM—8th Grade Science in Timbs-O’Dell’s Room
8:20 AM—Algebra II EOI in Turner’s Room
3:35 PM—Junior Class Meeting in Ms. Brough’s Room

Friday, April 24
TBA—OSU  Interscholastics

Saturday, April 25
TBA—OSU  Interscholastics



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